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At Best Education Degrees our mission is simple. We want to help you find the best school to help you further your career in education.

Whether you are a teacher or administrator or educational consultant, your goal is to get the best education you can get, given your current circumstances. Many times educators are already in the workforce and looking to learn new skills and specializations. But working full time comes with added challenges. Thankfully today’s world offers many excellent options including part-time and online degree programs.

Early Childhood Education Degrees

A degree in early childhood education will prepare you for the unique needs of young children. Young children need to be nurtured as well as educated, and part of being a great teacher to young kids is understanding the wide variety of personalities and learning styles… and to keep things fun. Our kids are wide-eyed and curious, and the early childhood educator should strive to keep them that way.

K-12 Education Degrees

This is a general degree that prepares you for teaching in a K-12 setting. Most teachers will want to specialize in a particular age group, though this degree gives you flexibility and more job options. We have created a ranking of accredited, solid online education programs and we also have a list of teaching scholarships to help you pay for things.

Masters in Education Degrees

Increasingly, a Master’s in Education degree is a requirement, not a luxury. Many states now require teachers to pursue their Master’s in a certain time frame. The best online Master’s in Education programs allow teachers to continue working while going to school, both completing their required education while also allowing for a bump in salary.

Educational Administration Degrees

After teaching for a while, some teachers are looking for a new challenge. Becoming a principle or other school administrator is often the next step. An advanced degree in educational administration is your first step towards this goal.

Special Education Teaching Degrees

A degree in special education will prepare you to work with kids and adults with special needs. The best online special education programs allow for specialization on either mental or physical handicaps including autism, downs syndrome, and even less severe learning disabilities.

Education Training Degrees

Those with degrees in educational training often serve as consultants and teach seminars to current teachers and educational administrators.

General Education Degrees

If you are unsure of the specialized area you would like to focus on, a degree in general education can give you the foundation you need for later specialization.

Distance Education Degrees

Distance education is a growing field with the rapid expansion of online education. Becoming an expert in this field prepares you for a future in which more and more students will be learning over the Internet. Because distance learning comes with a unique set of educational challenges, specializing in this field is necessary in order to be an effective online teacher.

Educational Counseling Degrees

Guidance counselors are important at multiple levels. Students need direction in choosing classes and also choosing a career. Some students need someone to support them through tough times and to help get them back on track. A degree in educational counseling will help prepare you to help students become the best they can be.

Degrees in Curriculum and Instruction

A degree in curriculum and instruction provides you with the skills to develop lesson plans that utilize the latest science to maximize learning opportunities.

Educational Technology Degrees

Gain an understanding of the technology that drives today’s education. People with degrees in educational technology are often hired as consultants.

ESL Degrees

Learn to teach English as a Second Language to the growing population of of students whose native tongue is not English. Develop the skills needed for teaching this unique set of students.

Educational Psychology Degrees

Understand the psychology behind education, including different learning styles and structuring teaching methods to fit the way the brain works.

Information Systems for Education

Become an expert in the information systems that are necessary to make our modern educational systems run smoothly.

Adult Education Degrees

Prepare to play a vital role in higher education by understanding the unique needs of adult students.

Higher Education Degrees

Learn the specific needs of students in higher education.